2010 College Contest Results


First Place: “Defining ‘nearly free,'” by Derek Quizon, The State Press, Arizona State University.

“News stories must not simply record the facts, they must explain them as well,” the judge wrote. “This story does just that, ably making clear a confusing dispute over tuition increases in Arizona. The breadth of reporting is admirable, as is the quality of writing.”


First Place: “The world down under,” by Tessa Muggeridge, The State Press, ASU.

“One of the great mysteries of college campuses is the infrastructure that keeps the lights on and the room cool,” the judge wrote. “This is the definitive story, with remarkable sourcing and research, of the 20,000-foot tunnel system at Arizona.”


First Place: “Back on the Court,” by Gina Mizell, The State Press, ASU.

“This sports story goes beyond the ordinary and introduces readers to Kyle Dodd, a former basketball star in Arizona who now runs a training camp for soon-to-be basketball stars,” the judge wrote. “Accompanied with wonderful photography, the story is well-written and reported.”


First Place: “One-Legged Cage Fighter,” By Daryl Bjoraas and Yousef Hawash, The State Press, ASU.

“A fascinating video that tells the tale of Matt Betzold, a one-legged mixed martial artist who has overcome obstacles that are almost unimaginable,” the judge wrote.

Judged by Paul Needham, Editor in Chief, Yale Daily News, Yale University.